Mareth (Lilith Lupindo) – Lil is the instigator of this website.  Not only that, she is someone I love dearly who has given me her support and advice when I have needed it.  Lil has streamlined a lot of things that I had no idea needed to be streamlined.  With her love and support my life is so much easier.  Thank you Lil, you know what you mean to me.

Along with myself, Lil is co-owner Alley Catz Club and Ascension Lighting. Its also worth checking out her Purrs Like A Kitten website for support on the CTS Wardrobe system as well as other generic SL tidbits.

Juggy – My number one ticket holder.  What can I say about Juggy.  She is a beautiful soul.  Juggy has followed me from almost day one of my singing in SL.  She has witnessed my growth as a performer and she still comes back for more.  It is always wonderful to look up during a show and see her standing there.  Juggy has given me so much support over the years and I have loved every minute of it.  Thank you my sweet friend.

Update 4th May 2023