♫ BIO ♫

JP lives in Australia and has been singing for most of his life, he brings that experience to SL entertaining a wide variety of audiences in venues from casual water front venues to clubs. His vocal range surpasses the classical view of a Tenor and at times crosses into the Counter-tenor range. He sings many genres which has seen his song list become universal over time. His dynamic personality will have you captured, his shows are often full of back and forth banter, nonsense, madness, laughter & random encounters of silliness in local chat. He currently uses quality licensed backing tracks so the audience is always presented with a full sound. He frequently adds new songs to his really really huge song list to keep his shows fresh.

♫ ALTERNATE BIO – for a bit of fun vocabulary♫

JP’s distinctive, sexy tones is like consuming a rich flambe chocolate fondues, leaving you hungry for more. JP possesses a “strong and impressive sound” with his performance carrying you through many genres, one can only describe JP as an “eclecticist”. During his shows you will encounter a subtle crescendo of your tympanic membrane followed by ergasmic linguistic climaxing. His stage persona is friendly, engaging,  amusing and at times a little odd or weird. Or as his close friends call them, “JPisms”. The urban definition would be “when one fumbles to introduce songs or responds to banter in local chat with dribbling while ones brain synchronizes with ones tongue”. The phrase “JP is the Tom Jones of SL” quickly imprints itself into ones cortex.


New bookings are based on available time slots in his google calendar, these are identified by “SLT weekly booking available”. All other times are all “only available on negotiation”. Although JP lives in Australia the times on his google calendar are listed as US Pacific Time (SLT). You can view his Calendar here Performance Schedule

To discuss bookings please either contact JP directly in Second Life or send me a message Here.




“Jolly Perver(c)t, JP simply is a great performer, a nice bloke, always good for a great hour of entertainment and……..well I am just a huge fan!” :~ Juggy

“JPeabody has a sweet tenor voice that performs with elegance, he also knew What The Fox Says then kept it to himself!” :~ Brindimere Laroway


JP’s Song list is always available Here

Some of the songs on his songlist are tagged [explicit], these will not be performed at venues that reside on a G rated Regions. In addition if it is known that there are minors listening to the stream these songs will not be performed.


JP is open to learning new songs, so if you have one then send him a link and suggest it, there is no guarantee that he will learn a song and there is no time frame for him to learn the song. In addition, it all depends on if he can source a good backing track for a given song.


JP has uploaded several songs to and these can be found Here

♫ Special Thanks ♫

To Mareth (Lilith Lupindo) who is not only my SL partner, she wrote my bio’s, Co-builder/owner of our club [Alley Catz] and helps me maintain this site.

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She also maintains her own Second Life help site and blog, link is below.

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