Who is JP?

I currently sing at Alley Catz Club, The Aussie WoolShed and FlyGearZ.

To be very honest, I feel humbled that people enjoy hearing me sing.  I try to use my voice to tell the song.  I guess that might sound a little silly.  But to me a song is a story.  Someone has taken the time to put into words things that they were feeling at the time.  Yes, some songs don’t make a lot of sense, I agree.  But when you look deeper there is still a story to tell either just from the words written or maybe from the time it was written.  It has been said that a singer is an interpreter and I think in this respect that is true.

I give an awful lot of myself to you during a show.  I laugh and I chat.  Yes, sometimes I even make a fool of myself.  As many people know, there are times during a show where, after singing a few songs, my brain almost forgets how to talk.  And then the jewels come out lol.

Some songs make me so happy when I sing them and some of my songs nearly always bring me to tears.  Why sing the sad one’s?  I sing them because I love feeling emotions and I love making you feel emotions too.  You spend time with me, listening to me and feeling what I feel and during that time I open myself up and lay everything bare.  To be a good performer means that I have to be very vulnerable because, I personally feel, that’s when I am at my best.

So here is a little about the other side of me.  I love to sing.  My first memories of actually singing are as a child in a church quoir.  Yes, I was one of those kids who wore the funny black cassocks and the white shirts standing at the front of the church.  In those days I was a child soprano although, to me, that was nothing special.  But as the years went by I continued to sing, mainly in my room, with records playing that my Parents hated.  I was very shy and, in some ways, I am still a shy person.  This is the main reason I never joined a band.  I never learnt to play an instrument so I would never have been able to blend into the background at gigs.  As even more time past I joined the Army and after 20 years service I began to feel the need to be in a band but most pub bands, at that time, were rock bands and I just don’t have that type of voice. Behind JP is a guy, who in Real Life, is exactly the same as the way you find him in SL in the way he thinks, feels and communicates.

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