Alley Catz

“Retrospective Singularity – Traverse the lensing effect of music, dance & light”

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After the initial preamble, all Red Headings should be read as these can have an impact on access to the venue, everything else is optional reading.

February 24th 2023: The Club has been rebuilt from the ground up, although the floor dimensions are the same, the height of the club has been considerably increased to make it feel more spacious and also to facilitate for our redesigned lighting. The complete rebuild is now basically a Cube and uses just a handful of textures which will greatly improve REZZING upon arrival. The image below was taken with Use Shared Environment set and it is highly recommended that you do this since it is the best way to experience the venue. You can leave yourself set at other EEP settings or Windlight such as CalWL, however you will not fully experience the venue as it is intended and will miss out on the full impact of a given performance.

High above the snow covered fields of Hogadon, a lone voice is heard calling out. The melodic sound of the voice is said to attract the young and old alike. The wild animals sit in branches, crawl out of burrows and fly down to the ground and listen. Could this be the very shy and timid Bigfoot, the rarely seen Sasquatch or is it just the voice of the wind circling around the mountains and blowing through the caves?

No, tis the Alley Catz Live Music and Dance Club. A new build that took shape from a word and brought forth by the hard work in March 2022 by JP (JPeabody) and Mareth (Lilith Lupindo). The venue is JP’s Alley Catz home providing him with a platform to sing in SL at his own venue.

The venue opened on the 6th May 2022 and is managed by Mareth (Lilith Lupindo).

Wander around and relax on the wheel hub chairs right of stage, sit or cuddle on the benches at the rear of the dance floor. For those who want to take to the dance floor there is a hybrid TIS dance machine (single & couples).

The club is powered by;

When Mareth is running her dance HUD you can dance on her HUD by standing on Dance Pads (they will only be Rezzed when Mareth is running her HUD – see Venue Operation below for more details).

Mareth (Lilith Lupindo) & JP (JPeabody)Club Owners or simply call us Team Alley CatZ

Venue Community

We are focused on making everyone feel welcome regardless of if your a regular patron or not. Sometimes local chat may be busy with banter and conversation, feel free to join in and enjoy yourself. At other times it may be fairly silent as people simply enjoy each others company while dancing and listening to music.

We (JP and Mareth) are not fans of venues or places that have a clique, we have visited many ourselves and know how uncomfortable it can be even in SL. Which is why we do try to make everyone feel welcomed and part of the community of Alley Catz. This is however a two way channel of communication, we therefore do not expect everyone to engage in conversation. Just know if you do, you are most welcome too.

We also have a zero Drama policy and will not tolerate SL Drama from either performers or patrons, leave it outside of the venue.

Venue Policies

The venue cannot be used by anyone if the event will CLASH with a Live show at any venue JPeabody is performing at or FlyGearZ events Mareth is involved in at Flyte.

The venue runs on a single performance model, the only exception is if the venue is booked for a 3rd party event spanning several hours.

The venue is located on a Mature rated Mainland region, there is no private region covenant, therefore LL’s TOS applies. We therefore expect all patrons of the venue to act in such a way that would be considered family friendly and inline with SL Community Standards.

Venue Access

Anyone who is disruptive in Local Chat to other patrons or performers and/or acts inappropriately will see their access revoked for a 4 week suspension.

With the exception of a script limit which is covered automatically by Xash, you do need to understand the Venue Dress Code and None Adult Avatars portion of our policies as a breach of these can also lead to a suspension.

Once the suspension is over access will resume. Repeat offences may result in either additional suspensions or a permanent ban.

It is the discretion of Venue management to suspend access.

Script Limit

see Xash Club Management System Security rules below, the one with the red border is the only one that will result in a TP home action if exceeding the limit.

Venue Dress Code

NO NUDITY and NO EVOCATIVE CLOTHING. Consider the club as family friendly, so use common sense. Come dressed in casual to formal or even themed such as steampunk, cyberpunk, sci-fi, fantasy etc. It is all about you coming as who you are, for example if your a Vamp or Lycan all we ask is no biting. If your a warrior, sheath your weapon. If your a fae, fawn, or furry etc, there is no need to change into a human form. If your a D/s couple we have no issue with leashing, all we ask is you should be dressed as if your out at family friendly public venues.

None Adult Avatars

If you choose to come as a Child or Teen, it is your responsibility to refrain from involving yourself in any local banter that is NOT PG in nature. As it is everyone else’s responsibility to not include you in such banter.

Venue Capacity

The venue is located on a snow mainland region, we did this on purpose as they are generally less used and mainland regions have much lower agent limits than most private regions. This means they are generally not impacted by Agent (Avatar) overloading. Mainland region limit is 44 (+4 premium bonus).

If the venue is to be used for a special event, we will request a agent limit increase for the duration of that event. As premium mainland owners it is a relatively simple process of submitting a ticket to LL.

Regular performances

There are currently two regular performances a week.

  • Retrospective Singularity – Every Wednesday @ 1:00am SLT
  • Main Stage – Every Friday @ 2:00am SLT (see Venue Stage Themes below)

JP also performs at;

  • The WoolShed – Every Thursday at 2:00am SLT
  • Flyte (home of FlyGearZ) – several shows per year (see calendar)

All of JP’s shows are posted in his Google calendar and the Xash Alley Catz Club calendar.

Mareth as part of the Flyte Crew for FlyGearZ does the lighting at the Flyte Theatre for special events. Jenna Dirval (FlyGearZ owner) Choreo’s dances for approx 10 songs each show that everyone group dances too.

Flyte Theatre has two main configurations with several lighting configuration options that can be used. These events are scheduled under FlyGearZ and also added to the Alley CatZ Club Xash event calendar.

FlyGearZ at Flyte Theatre, Lighting supplied and operated by Alley Catz Club

Currently under construction is a portable 50×50 open air venue, Mareth refers too this prefab build as Ascension, if all options are REZZED, it consumes just under 1,000 LI.

All Inquiries relating to the availability of our venue to be used by 3rd parties are to be submitted via the Alley Catz Club Inquiry Form

Venue Build

V6 – February 2023 [Complete rebuild]

The venue is located in the sky, it is low LI and uses only a few textures, this coupled with our EEP setting helps to minimize any LAG that could be induced from the environment. You will find once you have visited for the first time and provided the textures remain in your cache the venue will instantly REZ. Even when visiting for the first time it will REZ quickly.

Most of the LI in the venue is consumed by either the cars/bikes or the Lighting System.

It should be noted that once the Lighting System is active and depending on what its doing it can result in client side LAG on older and lower entry level computers. Especially laptops that only have integrated graphics on the motherboard (aka no dedicated GeForce or Radeon GPU’s).

We have never seen the region itself suffering from server side LAG.

Venue Stage Themes

The stage will see on average a new themes every 5 -7 weeks throughout the year. Some of these will be annual, others will be cycle or one off.

Annual Themes;

  • Dia De Los Muertos (Late Oct – through Nov)
  • YuleTide (Dec)

Cyclic & one off themes;

  • Marvelous Show of Pussy Catz (30th Dec 2023 – 9th Feb, 6 weeks)
  • Through The Looking Glass (10th Feb 2023 – 10th Mar, 1 month)
  • Coming 7th April, Hint – _ _ R _ _ _ C _ _

Venue Lighting System

By default when the Venue is not in use the stream is set to either dance or romance music stream. Feel free to use the venue to hang out with your friends. The following will be set.

  • Dance floor effects will likely be OFF, if ON, it will be set for one effect.
  • Stage Curtain will be open.
  • Several lighting channels will be set to Sync with the music stream.
  • The Aurora Light Rig if ON, will be running either programs 3, 4 or 10.
  • The Aurora System if ON, will be running program 4.

For 3rd parties who use our venue, if you wish the lighting system to be operated this depends on Mareth’s (Lilith Lupindo) availability and there is a $500L base fee then $250L per 30 minute period after the 1st hour (Paid in Advance on agreement).

Alternative, if your streaming service uses the Spotify API the lighting system can be set to run AUTO via TIS StreamSync.

Venue Operation

The venue uses a TIS hybrid dance system catering for a wide selection of both couples and single dances.

In addition MST Show Tools is coupled with Mareth’s MST Choreo HUD and MST Performance Engines which provide both staging themes and sequenced dancing when the Dance Pads are REZZED. When sitting on a Dance Pad, click YES to accept the MeterHarpers Interactive Theater experience.

If you click NO to the experience, you will be prompted by the normal animate your avatar dialog.

All lighting Effects minus the custom venue EEP, is achieved through various TIS lighting products along with the TIS Stream Sync system.

Xash Club Management System Security Rules.

Although we do not disclose our script count limit, compared to most venues who tend to set at 100, ours is much higher. Reason is most scripts go dormant when not in use. If we find agent scripting does impact region performance we may lower the limiter.

For an idea of the different themes we do at the venue please view the Flickr Album.

Club Rebuild