Special Thanks

Mareth (Lilith Lupindo) – Lil is the instigator of this website.  Not only that, she is a very close friend who has given me her support and advice when I have needed it.  Lil managed me for a little while and in that time she was able to stream line a lot of things that I had no idea needed to be streamlined.  I think I became her special project at one stage.  Thank you Lil, you know what you mean to me. Its worth checking out her Purrs Like A Kitten website for support on the CTS Wardrobe system as well as other generic SL tidbits. She also has a NSFW blog called Sanctuary d Fae.

Miss Colleen – Miss has been there to give me a kick when I needed it (Which I am sure she took a lot of pleasure from).  Miss and I have spent many hours playing greedy (Yes, she kicks my arse in that too) and have had a lot of very deep and meaningful chats while doing so.  Miss is a very special person, she was a delight to be around and I feel honored to have known her as a friend. Many of us miss her.

Juggy – My number one ticket holder.  What can I say about Juggy.  She is a beautiful soul.  Juggy has followed me from almost day one of my singing in SL.  She has witnessed my growth as a performer and she still comes back for more.  It is always wonderful to look up during a show and see her standing there.  Juggy has given me so much support over the years and I have loved every minute of it.  Thank you my sweet friend.