Theme reveal shows generally commence with a special performance that may include specific lighting, performer movement & patron camera control. When this occurs everyone will be informed to sit on dance PAD’s and accept the invite. Once animation starts they will need to then hit the ESC key, this allows camera views to be controlled by the performance engine. Camera view will be released at the end of the performance sequence.

NOTE: The opening night of a Theme will be a planned set list, the ability to request songs will not be available.

Full listing of past, current themes as well as dates for planned future themes.

Current theme start/end date and future theme dates are subject to change.

2022 Themes:

  • Dia De Los Muertos (14th October – 18th November, 6 weeks)
  • YuleTide (25th November – 23rd December, 5 weeks)

2023 Themes:

  • Marvelous Show of Pussy Catz (30th December 2022 – 3rd February, 6 weeks)
  • Through The Looking Glass (10th February – 10th March, 5 weeks)
  • Burn Cycle (7th April – 12th May, 6 weeks)
  • Desert Rose (2nd June – 14th July, 7 weeks)
  • TBA (scheduled for 4th August – 8th September)
  • TBA (scheduled for 22nd September – 13th October)
  • TBA (schedule for 27th October – 1st December)
  • No December Theme planned at this stage

2024 Themes:

  • TBA (scheduled for 9th February – 15th March)
  • TBA (scheduled for 5th April – 10th May)
  • TBA (scheduled for 31st May – 12th July)

Updated 2nd June 2023