Alley Catz

High above the snow covered fields of Hogadon, a lone voice is heard calling out. The melodic sound of the voice is said to attract the young and old alike. The wild animals sit in branches, crawl out of burrows and fly down to the ground and listen. Could this be the very shy and timid Bigfoot, the rarely seen Sasquatch or is it just the voice of the wind circling around the mountains and blowing through the caves?

No, tis the Alley Catz Live Music and Dance Club. A new build that took shape from a word and brought forth by the hard work in March 2022 by JPeabody and Lilith Lupindo. The venue is JP’s Alley Catz home providing him with a platform to sing in SL at his own venue.

Wander around and relax on the wheel hub chairs right of stage, sit or cuddle on the benches left of stage or at the back of the venue. For those who want to take to the dance floor there is a hybrid TIS dance machine (single & couples) on the column left of stage.

JP performs a Live show every Wednesday at 1:00am SLT, Friday at 3:00am SLT and some Saturday’s at either 7pm or 8pm SLT.

It is highly recommended to set your viewer to Use Shared Environment as there is a custom EEP setting used to enhance the venues lighting experience. Dress code is whatever suits you, casual, formal, steampunk, sci-fi, fantasy, furry…… everyone is welcome.

The venue is TIP’s only, currently we do not run the venue for other performers. If a singer or DJ wishes to use the venue for them selves without our involvement, we would consider the request.

By default when the Venue is not in use the stream is set to a dance music stream. Feel free to use the venue to hang out with your friends, either single or couple dancing are available via the TIS hybrid Dance machine.

  • Stage Curtain will be closed.
  • Several channels will be set to Sync with the music stream.
  • The Aurora Light Rig will be running program 4.
  • Hexascan Rig when on will be running in Random mode.

For 3rd parties who use our venue, if you wish the lighting system to be operated this depends on Lilith’s availability and there is a $500L base fee then $200L per 30 minute period after the 1st hour.

We have a policy that any events we host or Lilith is booked to run the lighting at our venue DO NOT CLASH with any FlyGearZ and Calas events or Carlyle Theas Solutions functions. Events at our venue run by others is based on their time schedules and we allow them the freedom to use the venue when they wish provided the venue is free to use.

NOTE: We only allow a single show model at a time, we do not allow multiple performers to string shows one after another.